Best time of your life?

Studying abroad and in a foreign language is a great opportunity to broaden your perspectives. It is not only the classroom where you learn new things and get friends. Trust me, I know – During my studies I did three exchange periods, two in Germany and one in Sweden.

During those times I tried to learn to know as much about the culture and many people as possible. I talked to strangers, went to parties and tried out activities that were available like excursions. This and the experiences I made were probably the best time of my life so far. I still have contact with many of the people from that time – and back then we did not even have social networking programs like Facebook. A great tool to stay in touch.

The student union of UAS, JAMKO offers you many opportunities for student life with discounts etc. Feel free to participate JAMKOs events like Sneaker tuesdays, IC tuesday clubs or Burger Parties where you can meet other students in a laid back environment while excercising, making pancakes or eating for instance. Here you can also share your experiences if you feel homesick, alone or something else – come as you are. There are also trips to Lappland and Russia that might interest you.

All in all, find out why so many say, that studying and time abroad is the best time of their lives!

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