Student card options for JAMK UAS students

Now that the beginning of the new academic year is approaching, it’s time to think about student cards.

You should definitely have some kind of student card, because it entitles you to various great benefits and discounts. Read more info about membership benefits.

There are a couple of different student card options available for JAMKO members. We’ve gathered all the relevant info about the student card options here. You can pick one of these options or use all of them!


The traditional option. You can order yourself a physical student card when paying your membership fee in our web shop in Your student card will be delivered to JAMKO office in Rajakatu campus, and you can come pick up your card during the office opening hours. The physical student card is updated every year with a validation sticker, which you can also pick up from our office.


Digital student card is always with you on your smartphone, and membership details are updated on the mobile app automatically every year, once you have paid your JAMKO membership fee online.

As a member of JAMKO, you can use either Pivo or digital student card.


You need to have a Finnish social security number and Finnish online banking details in order to activate Pivo digital student card. Pivo app can also be used to make payments, and Pivo student card is handy to have if you often have lunch at Rajakatu campus, because with Pivo app you can easily pay for your subsidised student lunch!

To activate your digital student card in Pivo app:

  1.   Download the Pivo mobile app from the app store.
  2.   Activate Pivo with your online banking credentials and phone number. The phone number must be the same that you entered on the order form in our web shop.
  3.   Click on the Student card icon in the app and follow the instructions.

For advice on using Pivo app, please contact Pivo customer service.


The new digital student card was launched in August 2022. You can activate your digital student card in right after you have paid your membership fee in our web shop. In order to activate the student card, you only need to have your JAMK login credentials. student card is a good option e.g. for international students, who may not have a Finnish social security number or online banking credentials.

To activate your digital student card:

  1.   Navigate to the tab ‘student card’ in Wallet, to activate your student card.
  2.   Do Haka authentication.
  3.   Upload a photo of yourself. Preview and supplement the information obtained from Haka if necessary.

For advice on using the digital student card, please contact customer service 


Any questions? Please feel free to contact our membership service!

Membership advisor Krista Rantanen, jasenpalvelu (at)

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