Stella Palassalo chosen as the project coordinator of Yyamk

Stella Palassalo starts as the project coordinator at the beginning of August.

The student union JAMKO recruited a project coordinator for the new YYamk project (community and equaity project) in May-April. The project is carried out in cooperation with Jamk.

The application period ended on June 5, 2022, and the recruitment team made a herd decision after very even interviews on June 13, 2022. We received a lot of qualified applications for the job, and the level in applications as well as interviews was very high. Thank you very much again to everyone who applied for the interest and time for JAMKO.

The recruitment team was assured by Stella Palassalo. The selected person had strong tutoring and student union experience, pedagogical and guidance skills. We were looking for an innovative and pragmatic person as the project coordinator, so Palassalo convinced the team of these qualities.

The main tasks of the project coordinator will be the planning and implementation of the project together with JAMKO’s actives and Jamk UAS’ staff, the implementation and establishment of measures designed to support mentors and tutors, the development of measures to promote community and equality, and project-related communication and reporting.

“I am very happy for this opportunity to be able to work with communality and equality. JAMKO is doing important work with tutoring and mentoring, and I can’t wait to be a part of this activity!”, project coordinator Palassalo comments.

The project coordinator will start on Aug 8th. The work of the project coordinator will continue until November 2023. You will reach the project coordinator from the email and JAMKO’s project team from email

We want to involve you Jamk UAS student in the project. Contact us, if you have any questions, ideas or other points about the project.

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Miina Pirnes
Executive Director

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