Representatives council checked on rules and strategy

Representatives council held their meeting on 6.9. and they checked on strategy, budget and plan of action. There was no issues seen other than plan of action having duplicates in the system that caused some misunderstandings. It has now been fixed. Representatives council also accepted rules changes 2nd time. With them, its now easier to act in situation where we could not have real elections and how to act if representative is no longer member of student union during their term. New rules will be in use immediately and next they will be delivered to the rector for signing. Central elections committee member Vili Eskelinen (sit.) gave up his position in committee and for his place Janina Hyttinen (sit.) was chosen. Representative Jonna Rantanen (vihr.) gave up her position in the representatives council.

Representatives groups in meeting:
Insinööriopiskelijat (IO): 4/6
Jyväskylän Tradenomiopiskelijat ry (Konkurssi): 1/1
Jyväskylän sosiaali- ja terveysalan opiskelijat ry (Jasto): 1/1
Sitoutumattomat (sit.): 2/4
Opiskelevat kokoomuslaiset (Kok.): 4/5
Restonomiopiskelijat (Res): 0/1
Legendat XD (XD): 2/2
Vihreät (vihr.): 0/1

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