JAMKO replies to the Grumble Weeks’ feedback

JAMKO’s feedback concept Grumble Weeks were held during March 16th and 27th, during which 390 surveys were submitted. We have gathered the most common ones concerning JAMKO and replied to them.

JAMKO should have at least two foreign students in the board. Also students with children should be heard in our student union and there should be family based activities.

JAMKO’s official working language is defined to be Finnish in our union’s rules so the board and the representatives work in Finnish in their meetings. We try to make sure that all kinds of students will be heard in our work through the Grumble weeks, our bilingual communication (Weekly overview, website, Facebook etc.) and working groups (for example International Club and tutoring). We also have degree students in our board and representatives almost every year. We are developing our activities and events all the time and we try to offer different kind of services for all the students in our school. Through this kind of feedback we make a difference in our actions and try to support our students in their needs.

What is a study field student association?

Study field associations are trusteeship organisations, which safeguard the interests of their own study field’s students. Study field associations organize also various events for their students and they can also make cooperation with other study field associations. In JAMK we have six (6) study field associations: Jyväskylän insinööriopiskelijat JIO (engineers), MatkaRaTa (hospitality management), Konkurssi (business), Tarmo (natural resources, Saarijärvi) and Jasto (social and health care). More information www.jamko.fi/en/student-union/study-field-student-associations/

JAMKO is visible at the main campus but not at the others. Maybe there should be board members from each campus?

JAMKO has its own bulletin boards in the main campus where we are advertising our events and meetings. You may also find our posters from each campus. Some of our posters have these QR-codes which lead you to our website and the event in there. All the updated info of our events may be founded from our websites. We try to have stands before our events or for example during the Grumble weeks at the all campuses. We are also going to do our membership service on each campus during the fall.

JAMKO’s board forms of different students from many different study fields and we think that it is more important that we recruit the most motivated and the best possible persons into our board working for students trusteeship instead of having all the campuses represented. The work is based on voluntary positions of trust and the participation depends on on every student’s willingness to influence.

Where is the JAMK’s logo from the overalls and why there need to be bar’s ads on them?

The reason why we have the bars ads on our overalls is that they are our co-operative companies and because they are paying for their advertisements in our overalls the students will pay the lower price of them. We are also co-operating with non-alcoholic organisations and we have a lot of places where students get lower prices but it is up to organisations’ if they want to advertise themselves in our overalls or not. More information of all the students’ discounts in Jyväskylä: www.opiskelijanjyvaskyla.fi

There should be more various products served in the JAMKO Café with the student prices (for example salad bar, bigger coffee cups, milk shake machine, protein bars).

JAMKO Café is our students’ lounge and we try to renew its products when needed. We can’t deliver all products that are wished but we will consider using bigger coffee cups starting from the fall.

Organisations who are having stands in our school should be also interested to do their promotion in English among foreign students.

We absolutely agree that all kind of advertising should be done also in English in our campuses. As JAMKO we will be even more careful with our own communication being in English and in Finnish on stands.

Grumble weeks’ survey is too long and the laptops used in the stands are worthless.

Grumble weeks’ survey is long and we have tried to cut it short during the years but to get qualitative feedback from all sides of studying it can not be shortened much more. We will make sure that the survey would not lengthen from what it already is. Grumble weeks are the part of the JAMK’s quality management system so it is important that you grumble! Some of our laptops are very old and we are trying to renew them during this year.

What else do I get with JAMKO’s membership than cheaper coffee and transport?

JAMKO is a trusteeship organisation which means that we fight for the students’ rights in JAMK and in Jyväskylä. Of course the part which students can easily notice is our services such like events, cheaper coffee, student card and the benefits which the membership grants. However JAMKO exists for another reason. JAMKO’s trusteeship monitors students’ interests which include students’ wellbeing and quality of education in Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences and also in the society. Students are well presented in different work groups in that deal with student’s wellbeing and education. Such work groups can be found in JAMK, in KOAS and at municipal administration. You can contact JAMKO when you encounter difficulties with your studies, for example if your credits are late for a study module you have done, you can contact JAMKO . Students themselves are an important part of the trusteeship work. Students can influence by giving feedback and voting in Representatives’ Election. Those are the people who will be representing you for example in JAMK’s working groups. More information www.jamko.fi/en/trusteeship/

We thank you for the feedback we have received, everyone of them are important tools to make our services better.

More information:
Chairperson of The Board Niina Lampi
e-mail: puheenjohtaja@jamko.fi

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