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During Grumble Weeks we asked what do students think of JAMKO’s communication. All in all students were quite content with JAMKO’s communications, although there is always room for improvement. JAMKO received praises on the use of both Finnish and English, the activity in Facebook and that the information reaches even if the individual doesn’t use social media. We also found that the more regular use of Twitter has been recognized. The Weekly Overview divided the students’ opinion. As a conclusion, majority of the students would like more information on the information channels that JAMKO uses. This is very valuable information to us when we plan our future marketing strategies. We have responded on the topics that gathered the most feedback below.


Some of the feedback concerned JAMKO’s Instagram and some of the students wished more frequent use of it. Instagram works nicely as a peek behind the scenes and that was one of the reasons why JAMKO made the account in the first place. JAMKO adopted the use of Instagram as a part of communication procedures fairly recently, and a clear process of regular posting hasn’t been formed yet. We will take this in to better consideration when planning the marketing and communication strategy. You can find JAMKO from Instagram as @studentunionjamko

What is Ajankohtainen JAMKOnen?

There were a lot of inquiries about Ajankohtainen JAMKOnen and what it actually is. This subject needs definitely our attention. Ajankohtainen JAMKOnen (a rough translation: Current little JAMKO) is a trusteeship newsletter which introduces what is going on in JAMKO’s trusteeship sector and brings trusteeship work closer to students. The newsletter is published in Finnish and in English as is every publication JAMKO makes. The main target group is student actives such as study field associations and they receive the letter in their emails monthly. The Trusteeship letter is also published on Facebook and JAMKO’s website where anyone can stay up to date on current subjects regarding student trusteeship, both locally and nationally.

The trusteeship letter has sought its form since the year 2013, when it was first published as a series of YouTube videos. The format changed to a newsletter in the fall of 2014, because in that form it opens up a broader perspective to the subject. The trusteeship letter needs definitely our attention if we want the newsletter to reach a broader audience. The work with JAMKOnen will continue, and in the meantime you can read the previous Trusteeship letters here.

Weekly Overview

JAMKO’s Weekly Newsletter divides opinions amongst students. Some of you are really happy that the information reaches without seeking or asking, and the other part of the bunch don’t need the weekly letters. Many of you criticized the formatting and the visual design and some of you would like to get the information earlier.

It is more than true that the current format is somewhat bleak, but it is the only secure way to send the letter to 10 000 students and staff members with the JAMK UAS Outlook. The sending and receiving is uncomplicated, the attachments don’t need to be opened and the programmes or devices which you open it are irrelevant. The information is distributed even handed and you can quickly see if there is something relevant to you. We would be more than willing to change the format if we would come across something as effective.

Some of you said that it would be better that the language versions would be clearly divided. The versions are currently divided, apart from the table of contents. With this we try to engage the English speaking students when they get the newsletter. The English content is detectable in one glance. It might be tiring to scroll all the way down to find the information in other language. But this is a good point and we try to develop the letter more reader friendly.

By sending the Weekly Overview, we serve also those students who do not use the social media. Hence everyone uses school’s email to converse about studies and such school related things, it is a natural way to convey the important issues such as changes in opening hours, the expiration of JAMKO’s membership or the last day to enroll as a attending or non-attending student as well as the events.

Some of the feedback stated that the information should be sent earlier. The announcements are offered in abundance and the length of the newsletter must be kept somewhat reasonable. That is why we must prioritize and leave some announcements out. The announcements are also sent fairly late, so the news can’t be included to the Overview any earlier. We strive to get JAMKO’s announcements out early, at least in previous week’s edition before the event in question, so the information could be more of use. Weekly Overview is an effective way of marketing and there is a segment that is reserved for other announcements than JAMKO’s as well. To ensure the publication of the text, check that the announcement is composed according to the instructions: use whole sentences and keep it short and sweet: what, when, where and add a contact information or webpage where more information can be acquired. Offer your announcements here:

Grumble weeks’ feedback is a valuable base when JAMKO’s communications procedures are evaluated and developed. The priority in the future will be the marketing of the communication channels and emphasizing the use of them. JAMKO is going to create a communication instruction for JAMKO’s Board and staff during the year of 2015. The instruction will create more clear and coherent ways of communication which would offer more significant information to students.

Although the Grumble weeks are over feedback from JAMKO’s communications or other sectors, is always welcome. You can give feedback anytime via JAMKO’s feedback channel.

More information:
Anna Tarvainen-Illi
Communications and Trusteeship secretary


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