Weekly Overview

The fresh Weekly Overview, delivered straight into your electronic mailbox

JAMKO publishes weekly a bilingual overview, which includes events and happenings from the ongoing and the coming week. The Weekly Overview is an official medium of communication for the student union, and it is delivered to about 8000 students of the JAMK University of Applied Sciences, all students who possess a university e-mail address. JAMKO’s own news are at the focus of the Weekly Overview, but other interesting news articles will be published as well, circumstances permitting.

Generally, the Weekly Overview is released once a week, on Tuesdays. The overview is also promoted via the JAMKO Facebook page and the student union website.

Texts for the Weekly Overview are to be delivered by the Sunday of the preceding week at the latest. Texts sent later than this are not considered for the next overview. The provider of the text is responsible for the factuality of the content of the text. JAMKO reserves the right to modify the wording of the text.

The Weekly Overview has a set structure, and a maximum number of texts that can be included in it. This means that all texts cannot always be published. Unpublished texts will not be kept. If a text has not been published, the submitter of the text should check whether the text is composed according to instructions, and resubmit it for the next overview, if it is still relevant.

Note! Overview is not published on week 9 and 42.

More information: JAMKO’s Communications and Trusteeship Advisor, viestinta(a)jamko.fi, +385 207 8110


Submit texts for the Weekly Overview

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  • For administrative use
  • For administrative use
  • Do not include a date in the headline
  • What, when, where, why and a contact detail, or a website, from where the readers can acquire further information. Avoid the usage of exclamation marks, emoticons and other such devices. Use whole sentences.
  • Do not include a date in the headline
  • JAMKO communicates both in Finnish and in English, so the submitted text should be provided in both languages.
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