JAMKO asks how are you?

JAMKO is with Nyyti ry in their campaign called #MitäKuuluu or #HowAreYou! The purpose of the campaign is for everyone to take a minute and ask themselves and their loved ones “How are you?”. The goal is to help everyone truly take into consideration their own welfare in everyday life. JAMKO promotes the cause at campuses and the campaign can be followed also on social media with hastags #jamko #mitäkuluu #kymppikymppiweb_nyyriry-logo-n-versio-rgb

We can all stop to think what are the things that cheer up our day and what are small joys in life. Nyyti has great advice for all students on how to improve one’s life with small actions. These include getting enough sleep, exercising and eating right. Unfortunately most of the materials Nyyti has on this campaign is in Finnish but JAMKO will try to take international students into consideration in this campaign as well.

More on Nyyti’s site.

More info: sopo(a)jamko.fi

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