Grumble weeks’ reports published

Student Union JAMKO’s feedback concept Grumble Weeks was held between 16th and 27th of March. During that time JAMKO gathered 390 individualized feedback surveys from JAMK’s students. JAMKO has processed the given feedback and compiled it into four different reports for each study field. Heads of departments received full, uncensored feedback regarding their study fields. JAMK’s quality teams received the public reports and the open feedback which has been stripped of names and references to individuals. Study field student associations have received the public reports topped with the feedback concerning their actions.

JAMKO has published the public reports on the student union website in Finnish. The recurrent feedback to JAMKO has been replied in English. Also the feedback concerning JAMKO’s communication has been answered in both languages.

The next Grumble Weeks will be held in spring of the year 2016

Check out the answers English here
The reports written in Finnish here.

More information:
Communications and trusteeship secretary
Anna Tarvainen-Illi

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