Remember friends also in the summer!

Studying can be quite intense and take lot of time. Especially if you are working on your thesis or other tasks and having exams at the same time. Managing that requires scheduling and life management. These are very important and useful skills also after the studies. During studies you probably manage to meet your study friends at the cafeteria or during the lessons. They can relate to that what you are going through.

My highschool teacher once predicted that I am going to meet the most important friends of my life during the studies. He was right. At the university of applied sciences of Vaasa and later in the University of Jyväskylä I learned to know many of the best friends I still socialize with. With many of them we share common interests and studies. It is not a coincidence that many students find their love during the studies.

Keeping your friendship requires nurturing though. During school breaks, long internships and and holidays it is therefore crucial to keep in touch – otherwise the friendship fades. This has happened to me as well with some friends. That is pitty. Another big step is when you and your fellow students go to work. If your friends stay in the same town keeping touch is easier than when they move to work elsewhere. Friends and family are also the social safety net – wherever they physically are. If you get ill or sad they are likely to help and cheer you up – if you let them.

According to surveys too many students experience loneliness. Is it because the studies are too hectic or it has become difficult to find friends? I don’t know. I do know, going for a drink (also non alcoholic counts), going for a walk, giving a call or messaging in the social media will help. So remember your friends and they will remember you. They will help you through studies and later in life.

Hannu Järvistö
Executive Director of JAMKO

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