Futile attempt at organizing my life

Let’s talk a bit about organising. These days I am quite proficient at utilizing my calendar, both the paper and virtual version, and using it to organize my life; planning events, marking my to-do list and planning my everyday life with it. But this was not always the case. When I started studying in upper secondary school back in Lapland where I’m from, the whole concept of a calendar which I would use to plan my daily activities seemed folly and useless. But time went on and I started working in different student organisations and I realized that my organisational skills were terrible. So I bought a calendar. It took me a while to get used to it, but over time it became a very valuable tool.

At first I started to mark events where I have to be, but over time when the workload started to be much more, I had to mark deadlines and partial goals for different projects. What use is there in marking stuff on your calendar, or keeping a list of what you have to do in every given day? For one; you won’t forget to do things if you note them on your calendar and check your calendar regularly. Second; You can time everything properly, and it’s easier to manage when you know when you have to do school work, when you hang out with friends, when you relax by yourself. When you set goals on your calendar and deadlines when to do things, it helps you not to worry about them all the time. One of the most important things I realized when I started to organize my schedules even more was that everybody has to make sure that they have enough free time for themselves, relaxing by watching a movie, or playing a game with friends or just taking time to do things they love.

Organize your life and make your life easier. Use a calendar.

Chairperson of the board
Eemeli Rajala

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