Be gentle with yourself

For students spring is often a conflicting time. On the other hand there is the First of May, summer holiday is coming and sun is shining. But on the other side of the table there is a huge pile of unfinished reports and assignments, group works and exams that you have to finish before school ends. The long academic year with short breaks is starting to get to you and you’re feeling stressed and tired.

Stress is a known visitor for most of us. Sometimes it’s good because under the right amount of pressure people tend to do their best. But if the stress gets too big, you start to feel distressed and tired and unable to perform. That is why it’s important to learn some ways to cope with stressful times.

When we have a lot to do it might feel difficult figure out where to start. For me a good way is to make a to-do list. Write down every task you have in your mind. When you have it on paper, go through them. Are there things that aren’t necessary to do or could someone else do it? Next think what the most urgent things to do are and what could you do later? If it helps you can also divide the tasks so it’s easier to see your progress on the list. Remember to cross out every task you have successfully made!

Under stress people tend to cut back from the things that are actually really important for our well-being: sleep, food and exercise. It might seem like a good idea at the time to eat only hamburgers, sleep only 4 hours and stay inside the whole day. Even though there is not a lot of time I sincerely recommend that you also take care of your well-being. Eating well, getting enough sleep and taking breaks to exercise or meet friends is very important for your body and mind and can even help coping with stress.

Last but not least: giving somethings up is extremely hard but necessary sometimes. When you have a lot to do there will probably be somethings you have to say “no” to. It might feel very difficult at the time, but I promise you the world won’t end and there will be another opportunities.

Be gentle with yourself!

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trying to be gentle for herself since 1992

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