When in Finland…

They say travelling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer and I couldn’t agree more. Whenever I travel, I make tons of lists what to do there so I will get the whole experience. Actually one the most longest lists is what I want to eat and drink when I go abroad.

I know there is a lot of lists of what to do in Finland, but still I decided to make my own. These are the things I love about my home country and also my home town Jyväskylä. I would like to remind you that these are all my personal opinions; someone might feel very different.

1 Experience the Finnish nature

Yes, I know. This is a cliché. But seriously, I think the best thing in Finland is the nature. And you don’t even have to look for a forest since there is a lot of it everywhere; even near city centers. It is said that spending time in the forest is good for your health in many ways and I think so too. In the fall the Finnish forest is also filled with berries and mushrooms you can pick up and eat – yes, for free! Just remember that you must never go to the forest alone if you haven’t been there before so you won’t get lost. Also if you want to pick up berries or mushrooms, take someone with you who knows which are good because some of them may be deathly poisonous.

2 Sauna

Another cliché but you simply can’t visit Finland without trying sauna. If you can find one that heatens with wood, even better. Sauna is a place for complete relaxation. There you can close your eyes and forget all the worries you have!

3 Try swimming in natural water

To be honest, this is kind of a part of number one, but I still wanted to mention it separately. Finland has one of the cleanest natural waters in the world and almost all the lakes are good for a swim. Now the water is starting to get a little cold so it helps if you can go sauna afterwards. In the winter the lakes freeze but don’t worry; they will drill a hole in the ice so you can try ice swimming

4  Finnish people

Finnish people are usually described as shy introverts that don’t really talk and at first it really may seem like it. But when you make friends with a Finn you can be sure it’s a friendship that is valued. One of the things I appreciate in Finnish people is that we are sincere and if we say something, we mean it. So when you are in Finland, don’t hesitate to become acquainted with Finnish people!

+ 1 extra: Drink tap water!

Finland has one of the world’s purest tap water that you can easily drink. I think it also tastes so good! Actually tap water and rye bread are probably the things I miss most when I’m abroad.

All in all: have an amazing time in Finland!

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