Problems in activating the digital student card fixed

JAMKO introduced the possibility of digital Frank student card to its members on May 2nd. With most of the JAMKO members the activation worked immediately without difficulties.
Due to faulty letter encoding in our member register some members who have Scandinavian letters or accent marks in their names (ä, å, ö, accent mark for example é).the student status could not be checked from the nation wide JOLLA student register and those members were unable to activate the digital card.
The problem was discussed with Frank and it was fixed on May 5th. Although the activation should now be possible for all members, some of the members may have faulty letters on their digital cards instead of the Scandinavian letters / accent marks.This will be fixed soon.
Members who have joined JAMKO later than May 5th may experience some delays in activation of the digital card, even a week.
More info and instructions to activate the digital card here
If you have problems activating the digital student card or questions concerning Frank service please contact frank(a)

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