Praises to Lounge, Elmo raises questions – Grumble Weeks reports published

Grumble weeks were organized 20th of March till 2nd of April 2017 and they reached 548 respondents in JAMK UAS. The survey focused on the quality of the education, teaching and coaching, and also students well-being. Survey was also significantly shorter than the previous year. After the survey was closed, JAMKO organized Follow up – events during 25th of April till 27th of April 2017, where the reports and their main themes and questions were gone through with the students and staff of JAMK UAS.

The answers of the survey contained some same topics in the answers in every study field. The quality of the education was thought to be good and versatile here in JAMK. Students still were looking for more work life oriented approach in the studies. From the digital environments, Optima and email was thought as good, but the students also wanted that the folder structures in Optima would be similar. The use of Elmo was mystery for students. Students also wanted more resources for the study psychologist and also more discussions of the studies with the teachers. Tutors got lot positive feedback in every study field, as also did the new Lounge in the Rajakatu campus and similar was hoped to the other campuses. The study field student associations got good feedback from the students

JAMKO’s board summarized the feedback and compiled it into reports for the administration and quality teams of each study field. The administration of each study field gets all the feedback uncensored and the quality teams’ open answers are modified so that nobody is identifiable. Public reports that contain only the summaries of the feedback, are published in Finnish on JAMKO’s webpage. 


Further information

Aleksi Huttunen
Member of the board, educational policy


Mari Pynssi
Member of the board, social policy

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