Dive into the Overall challenge!

There is no need to wait for Overall Oath Party to sew overall badges!

Normally we’ve had The Overall Oath Party after the students have received their overalls. The party has included, as the name implies, swearing the overall oath and getting the overalls wet. Unfortunately The Overall Oath Party has been cancelled from this Fall but we want to give you the possibility to start sewing your badges to your overalls as soon as possible. This is why we have decided with study field associations to organize an overall challenge!

You can join the challenge by publishing your video of wetting your overalls during 1st and 8th of October 2020. All participants can have the new and improved Overall Oath badge, a stamp for the freshman pass and the right to sew badges on before the official Overall Oath Party. The Challenge also includes a contest between participants meaning that by posting a video you will be entering the contest and you can win a 200€ super gift card.

NOTE! The overall team has specified the performance instructions and you can participate in the challenge with max. 10 people. We will not accept videos to the contest or give the badges for those who have more than 10 people in the video. We hope that the participants will observe the safety distances even if they make a video in groups of less than 10 people, take care of hand hygiene and use face masks if possible.

Participating in the challenge is easy, just follow these steps:

  1. Pick up your overalls from your study field association when they ask you to.
  2. Take a video of yourself or with max. 10 friends as you get your overalls wet. This can be done for example by using a water pistol or pouring a pot of water on you in the shower. The more fun and original, the more likely you are to win the contest.
  3. Tag your study field association and JAMKO and use the official hashtag of the challenge #kastettu20. Post the video to your Instagram account during 1st and 8th of October. (This way you enter the contest. Be sure to save the video because we will ask the winner if the video can be shown to others when we release the winner)
    Send the video on Whatsapp during 1st and 8th of October to the number +358 44 3211 550 and say your name. (This way you won’t join the contest but will get the overall badges.)

4. Follow remotely on 8th October starting from 7pm when we stream the overall oath in here and repeat the oath from your home. The winner of the competition will be announced then and the winning video will hopefully be streamed.

5. The publisher / sender of the video can come and get the Overall Oath badge and the stamp for the freshman pass from JAMKO’s office during 19th October and 19th November. You can get badges for the all the people in the video (max 10) and can then give the badges to them. 

The overall team wishes a fun and safe challenge to everyone!

Something to ask?
Kiia Pöyhönen
JAMKO’s Vice Chairperson of the Board
+358 44 3211 550

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