How to prepare in the reform of student health care service

In the beginning of the year 2021 every university student falls under Finnish student health service FSHS. This means that the current student health care no longer serves JAMK’s students, except for the study psychologists. Starting 1.1.2021 everyone needs to learn some basics about FSHS, so here is a list to help you get you updated for the changes!

  • All students enrolled in attendance studying a lower or higher degree fall under FSHS
    • One exception is that exchange students are not unfortunately under FSHS
  • Everyone needs to remember to pay the health care fee by themselves in Kelas website
    • NB! Kela will not send a bill!
    • The first due date is 31.1.2021!
  • After the payment you can use services as health examinations, oral health care, family planning, travel health advice, basic psychological examinations and physiotherapy
    • Medical specialists will cost extra
  • Jyväskyläs’ office is located in Puistokatu 4, 40100 Jyväskylä
    • Students in Saarijärvi can also use the new own office in Saarijärvi
    • You can also use any FSHS office f.e. in your hometown!

If you were wondering about something no worries, here is a link to forms-inquiry that you can ask questions from us! Read more on Kela or FSHS websites.

More info:

Pekka Mannermaa, well-being responsible,

Stella Palassalo, tutoring responsible,

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