JAMKO’s annual celebration postponed

Due to the current uncertain and rapidly changing situation of COVID-19 we have decided to postpone our 20th annual celebrations from the original date of 10.10.2020.

The new day for our annual celebration is November 21st 2020. The venue will still be Hotel Verso. The content of the celebration day is also considered the same at this moment. The annual celebration will therefore include a cocktail party for invited guests, a dinner party, possible after party and Sillis – event the next day.

We would like to celebrate JAMKO’s journey with proper celebrations and it is important to us that the celebrations can be organized safely and with the dignity they deserve. However, we are cautious about organizing the celebration and if the situation demands we might need to cancel bigger celebrations. The group responsible for organizing the celebrations will evaluate the current situation at all times and will publish more information as the situation becomes clearer.

Although the annual celebration’s fate is still uncertain we plan to organize smaller events during the autumn to celebrate JAMKO’s 20th anniversary. One example is the quiz of the history of JAMKO held next month. We have also a limited batch of overall badges designed for the anniversary year which will be distributed through various raffles and competitions for example.

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Kiia Pöyhönen
Vice Chairperson of the Board
+358 44 3211 550

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