Let´s start with a pretty picture of northern lights!


Actually  I saw so much more than just a reindeer on the Lapland, Saariselkä trip. It was my first time traveling to Lapland during the winter. For a lot of people who were traveling with me it was a first time there as well.  It was very interesting to go there. I really wasn´t expecting the truckload of snow that was everywhere. Yes, I do know that there is snow in Lapland but yet I was a little surprised that there was SO much of it.

Crazy<3people going for a dip in the ocean

Our trip had activities for everyday. We went to Norway for a dip in the arctic ocean ( I chickened out) for the crazy-brave people, snowshoeing, snow mobile safari, visiting reindeer farm, did some cross-country skiing , rode in a husky pulled sleigh and on the way there we stopped at Kemi snow castle and Santa´s village in Rovaniemi. Our travelling party was so very very lucky, we got to see the northern lights on the first night when we got there.

Visiting Lapland is sort of a thing that I suppose is *must*  for everyone while visiting (or living in) Finland. I think that in every country there is some kind of a “must-go” spend your holiday here thing.

So I have a question. If there is a holiday attraction place/area in your country would you travel there?

I hope you would and will! 🙂

Because I think that if there is some place that is considered a holiday “thing” there is a good chance that it is actually worth visiting!

And how did my trip go? It was awesome! I even did some cross-country skiing for the first time in 20 years or so. (There are some people who have been skiing their whole lives, I am just not one of them). It was so much fun, do try if you get a chance!

And about the reindeers I did see on the trip? They were fierce and fearless. We saw several of them on the way to Norway and back. They just jogged happily on the sides of the road when we drove by them. Some of them gave our bus the evil eye for bothering their run. Luckily we didn´t hit any of them, but then again we had maybe the best bus driver in the world! Accidents with reindeers are very common in Lapland.

Husky ride

Husky ride

Did you know that reindeers do not eat carrots? -I didn´t until I asked!

Happy skier (and 2 random French dudes)

Happy skier (and 2 random French dudes)



-Terttu, the happy skier

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