Tuesday for tutors!

Here writes really relieved young lady who gave all her today’s effort for one special Tuesday. My first tutor training ever just took place where I was on the other side of the table. Becoming international tutors had their first taste of tutoring and I visited once again on my discomfort zone – speaking English in front of people I’m not familiar with (yet). Can’t wait when this becomes part of the comfort zone, it’s more than awesome to improve yourself.


P.S. Horses are so last season, I prefer mules. © Salla Kuikka

The visitor in that zone has a name called Taija Minkkinen, 2nd year nursing student in degree programme, current international tutor, secretary of the JASTO board (Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences’ Health & Social studies students) and horsegirl, originally from shades of Tikkakoski’s airport. I have long hair invading all people near me and woolen stockings in my feet while speeding in Rajakatu campus. You can find me in events which offer overall badges and I spend gladly my free days by sewing them to my overalls. Or someone else’s badges to their overalls.

I’m the international tutor and degree tutor responsible this year in the JAMKO board and this year has had flying start. I did throw plenty of broken pillow cases away, just to ensure high quality on our survival kits. The kit storage is my new favorite place on earth and all new international tutors are free to join to my inventory there. I also do these international and degree tutor trainings with tutor and sport secretary Oona. At the “to do” –list are likewise the freshmen party next autumn together with peer tutor responsible Jenni and rest of the JAMKO board. I’m the expert of renting cars for international tutors for use and the master in the IKEA bag condition evaluation.

Tomorrow are new degree tutors starting their trainings, so how about great sleep before it! Nope, just kidding, deadlines are getting closer.


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