How do you chill out?

So you know that I am the person behind IC events and and the trips abroad and in Finland. And do I do everything alone, without any help? No freaking way, I’ve got an awesome team (if you want to be on my team there is the application period later in the spring *wink*) and they carry their weight around too. There are also the rest of the people on the board, they are useful as well.

So the same goes for almost everyone’s studies and how they progress. Like usually you have at least some group work so you do not have to do everything on your own , right? But sometimes there are these single assignments and stuff. OK, fine it’s a part of life when studying at Uni of Applied Sciences right?

There may be a point when it feels like all the deadlines are happening at the same time and you have a ton of assignments on due. I certainly sometimes feel like there are not enough hours in a day.kissa

And what is the point about talking about the rush-hour of due dates now? It is not quite spring yet. The workload varies when studying so deal with it, eh?

The point is you should have a way for dealing with it, you know for unwinding your brain and chilling out for a bit. And yeah, there are several parties happening almost all the time. And partying to get you mind off of things may work for you and its fine. (In moderation of course 😀 )

But you may want to have some other thing for unwinding too, without the recuperation time next morning.

I get my mind off of things by reading novels and chilling with my cat. I am not really sure which one of them helps more. Also going to the gym helps.

I think all of us should figure out a way to unwind and rewind for a little bit. The best way could walking, dancing, running, chilling, playing or whatever you feel most comfortable doing.

So even if there is no due-date rush with your studies and everything is really fine, find out your best way of chilling out and remember to reset your brain from time to time!

– Terttu

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