So who is it this time?

So hey everyone! It is my turn to keep the blog going this week. So who am I? My name is Terttu and I study business administration, I am a second year student. I have also been tutoring exchange students. (If you are my tutoree, you guys are awesome! <3) I am a member of the JAMKO board and my responsibility is International Club. Yay! ..So if you are an exchange student the chances are that we have already met!

If you guys hear me speaking Finnish you may be like what, this girl doesn’t sound like the general population of Jyväskylä does. And there is a reason for that, it is no secret! I am originally from Turku, the southern city that has been voted the best summer city in Finland several times. (If you are traveling around Finland, Turku is definitely a place you must go to!!)

How did a person speaking in Turku-dialect end up on JAMKO board? Well, the thing is that I wanted to do something that involves people. And IC involves people from all around the world, there is nothing better!

And by now you are thinking that OK, so what does the International Club do with people? IC has Tuesday Clubs with the culture and entertainment responsible, they are non-alcoholic events that include arts and crafts and different board games and maybe watching a movie depending on the theme. (Usually there is something to much at these Tuesday Clubs too.)

There are also Burger Nights that happen four times in a semester. The first and the last Burger night is a themed Burger & Party Night that has a party afterwards in the club Freetime. And all the Burger Nights have a quiz in some theme and there are nifty prizes for the winners too!

The most exciting IC aspect is that you can travel to Lapland and/or to St. Petersburg with IC!! You can book an organized trip with us to these locations and all the trips have professional guides. The Lapland trip is actually happening right now and we´ll be back on Wednesday. I am very pleased to announce that the Lapland trip was booked full!koira

I hope that I will see many of you guys at the St.Petersburg trip too! The trips are open for all the students in JAMK.

You know, fun thing about being a board member is that I got a work phone and it has been quite interesting getting used to having a second cell. There are times when I have hard time recognizing my ring tone, and sometimes I think it is my phone ringing when it is not. And just sometimes it feels like “wow dude, someone is actually trying to reach me on phone” It is really useful to have it because all the associates already have the number for it. :3

Catch up with you guys later this week!

– Terttu

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