New actives, staff and areas of responsibilities in JAMKO

JAMKO’s new Board of 2019 has dealt the areas of responsibilities. Nine members were elected to JAMKO’s Board who take care of different areas of responsibility during next term.

Social policy: Emma Ahonen (international business)
Educational policy: Antti Paunonen (natural recources)
Exchange and degree/ International tutoring: Nea Tiihonen (international business)
Peer tutoring: Elisa Vikman (energy and environmental technology)
Multiform tutoring and mentoring: Klaara Lahtinen (natural recources)
Well-being and sports activities: Alisa Huisman (tourism and service business)
Events and freetime: Kia Pöyhönen (tourism and service business)
Events and freetime: Pekka Mannermaa (information and communication technology)
Business cooperation: Alex Vinter (information and communication technology)

The position of business cooperation responsible is new and is created to support JAMKO’s services and student benefits.

Chairperson of the Board is Jarkko Patteri (international business) and Vice Chairperson of the Board Juho Niemelä (information and communication technology). In the next term the Chairperson of the Representatives is Anna Zhuravleva (international business) and The Vice Chairperson is Lassi Halkosaari (information and communication technology).

JAMKO has chosen Eeva Vissel as the new guidance and well-being advisor. Eeva Vissel is a youth and leisure instructor and studies to be a community educator in XAMK UAS. The advisor is responsible for JAMKO’s tutoring, recruitment and training of new tutors, developing peer guidance and matters of student well-being in the whole UAS.  Read more.

A 5th year technology student Arttu Niemelä was chosen as a part-time advisor of member and cashier services. As a previous JAMKO active, he has experience about JAMKO and good technology skills to support the changing systems. The decision will be verified at the Board meeting in Dec 17th.

In addition, the Representatives have put forward their motion of the student members to JAMK UAS’ working groups e.g. for JAMK University of Applied Sciences Ltd, Board of Study Issues and RDI – group.

The chairpersons and the board can be reached via e-mail: All contact information will be updated on JAMKO’s website at the beginning of the term.

Further information:
Hannu Järvistö
Executive Director
044 321 1600

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