Mobile receipt replaces sports sticker in Academic Sports

Academic Sports starts the fall term with renewals:

  • The sports sticker goes gradually out of use and is replaced by a mobile receipt
  • The full-year payment is replaced by separate payments for every term
  • You will be entitled to all Academic Sports services such as group fitness classes, ball game sessions and gyms with only one sports payment
  • With the mobile receipt, you will now have access to the Monitoimitalo gym. In order to access the gym you need to get a wristband of 7 euros from the City of Jyväskylä Sports Services.
  •  The fall term schedule starts on 4 Sept. and costs 40 euros

On students’ request, a mobile receipt replaces the sports sticker. This modification will streamline the payment process for both the students and the financial services of the University. The implementation of the mobile receipt is also a step towards the mobile student card that is in progress.

The sports payment is paid separately every term (fall/spring/summer) in the University’s online payment service. The receipt of the payment is an electronic ticket for the Academic Sports classes, sessions and gyms. The sports payment includes group fitness classes, ball game sessions and free access to the Monitoimitalo and Kortepohja gyms.

You must present the sports payment receipt from your mobile phone when entering the classes or the gyms. Please take also your staff/student card or student certificate with you, as before.

To ease the transition, you can still pay the fall term sports payment in the University Shop Soppi, if online payment is not an option for you. If you wish, you can also still get the sports sticker to your student card from Soppi. However, we recommend the online payment for everyone.

You can pay the sports fee for the fall term from 16 August. By paying the fall term sports fee now you can also access the summer term schedule that continues until 25 August 2017. The fall term schedule starts on 4 September.

Term-specific prices

  • Fall term (until 31 December) 40 euros
  • Spring term (1 January to 30 April) 40 euros
  • Summer term (1 May until 31 August) 20 euros

The prices have risen slightly from last year. The change in value added tax raises the prices approx. 10%. In addition, the prices of the external services and facilities have risen.

This year the sports payment also includes the access to the Monitoimitalo gym. Earlier each visit had to be paid separately. The prerequisite to use the gym is to get a bracelet of 7 euros from the City of Jyväskylä Sports Services. You can retrieve the gym card for the Kortepohja gym from the University Shop Soppi.

The weekly schedule of the group fitness classes will be updated within a few weeks to the calendar of the Academic Sports website. The students and staff  are also offered different sport activities and courses that are not included in the Academic Sports payment.

Additional information:

Head of University Sports Anneli Mörä-Leino
tel. 050 428 5270

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