Appearance of JAMKO’s student card changes

The appearance of the membership card i.e. the student card of JAMKO, the Student Union of Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences, changes starting from Autumn 2017. University of Applied Sciences Students in Finland – SAMOK will gradually step aside from administration of the student cards and the look of student cards may vary in the future.

The new yellow and blue student card will grant the same benefits and discounts as the previous version and the major

JAMKO’s new membership card, click to view more closely.

one’s have been negotiated nationally. The cards grant the discount of National Railway, long distance buses and the meal subsidy of The Social Insurance Institution Kela. The study right, the attendance of the individual student and the membership of Student union is still administered The Student Unions of the University of Applied Sciences.

The students that start their studies for the first time and join JAMKO in Autumn semester of 2017, will be delivered the student card in the new visual appearance. The continuing students that have the blue student card are not required to order a new card unless the card is lost or the information on the student, like a surname, changes. JAMKO’s members have the possibility to get the digital Frank student card in addition to the physical one and get the national, local and the digital benefits as well. It requires a Finnish ID number.

Following student unions use the same visual appearance in their student card as JAMKO: Student Unions of Centria UAS (COPSA), Häme UAS (HAMKO), South-Eastern Finland UAS (Kaakko), Karelia UAS (POKA), Lahti UAS (LAMKO), Lapland UAS (ROTKO), Savonia UAS (SAVOTTA), Seinäjoki UAS (SAMO) and Tampere UAS (Tamko). New student unions may enter the new visual appearance later.

More information:

Chairperson of JAMKO’s Board
Jarna Väisänen
+358 44 3211 500, pj(a)

Executive director
Hannu Järvistö
+358 44 321 1600, toiminnanjohtaja(a)

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