Challenges with Frank- student card with members of 2016-17

Students who registered the digital student card on Frank app in addition to JAMKO membership during Spring, have got their digital student cards deactivated even if their membership and membership sticker are valid till the end of September. This is due to technical issues in Frank’s system. JAMKO apologises about the problems of the Frank service and the inconvenience users may have encountered. You can still identify your membership with blue student card with last semesters sticker until Sep 30th.

The digital student card can be activated again by paying JAMKO membership for this academic term and after the information is transferred to the register. This may take 3-4 work days. New students should not have challenges with this and for them activating the digital student card is available when the information is transferred to register and the person decides to activate it. This may also take upto 4 work days.

More information: Executive director Hannu Järvistö, toiminnanjohtaja(a)

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