Miina Pirnes has been selected as JAMKO’s new executive director

The board of student union JAMKO has selected Miina Pirnes as the new executive director in its meeting on June 24th, 2021.

Miina Pirnes impressed JAMKO’s recruitment team with her comprehensive education, as well as the experience she has gained from administrative and organizational work as a store manager and project coordinator. Her education background includes a master’s degree organizational and financial management (YAMK) from JAMK and a bachelor’s degree (AMK) in cultural management from XAMK. “Miina will bring us fresh viewpoints and development ideas from outside the non-profit field”, says the chairperson of JAMKO’s board Stella Palassalo.

The executive director is responsible for the organization of student union JAMKO’s services and managing the daily financial and administrative tasks. The tasks include being CEO of the JAMKO-owned service company Jyväskylän opiskelijoiden palvelut oy. The executive director also helps develop the student union and works as the supervisor of JAMKO’s staff.

“I am excited to step into the shoes of the executive director, and I am full of excitement and ideas, and that already takes you a long way”, says the newly selected executive director Miina Pirnes.

Miina will start in her new role on July 26th 2021 with an introduction to JAMKO. She will work as the substitute of Hannu Järvistö, who is on leave from the position until January 31st 2022.

Starting from August 1st, Miina Pirnes can be reached via email at toiminnanjohtaja@jamko.fi and by phone from the number 0443211600.

More info:

Stella Palassalo
Chairperson of the board

Hannu Järvistö
Executive director

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