Membership service is on a summer break – new memberships become valid on July 1st

JAMKO’s office is on a summer break. Until the end of June, you can still contact the membership service via remote services like JAMKO Online -chat, phone and email. JAMKO’s office will open after the summer break in August, and we will provide more information about the schedule and possible Covid 19-related arrangements in the beginning of August. 

The memberships of continuing students for the term 2020-2021 and the spring term 2021 are valid until the end of September 2021. Starting in February, both continuing and new students can get the membership for the autumn term 2021 or the term 2021-2022. New membership stickers or student cards can be retrieved from the JAMKO office once we open in August. You can also enjoy the membership benefits by activating the digital student card in the Pivo-app. New students can use the digital student card once JAMK has verified their information.

New student – here’s how you can join JAMKO! 

Once you receive your study place at JAMK, you can also become a member of the student union JAMKO. As a member, you have access to a comprehensive package of services and benefits, including JAMKO’s versatile free-time possibilities, great trips and events, as well as café services at a cheaper price. 

To become a JAMKO member and to get the JAMKO student card, you must first enroll for attendance/non-attendance via the Peppi system of JAMK every semester during the enrollment period. After this, you must retrieve the JAMK logins from JAMK’s Vetuma -online service. This way we can confirm that you are a present JAMK student. After this, you can purchase your JAMKO membership at our online store in 

Continuing member – here’s how to renew your membership!

If you already have a JAMKO membership from a previous term, you can simply renew your membership for the new term — it’s easy to do in the JAMKO online store. First you have to enroll as present for the new term at Peppi, and after that, you can log in to the JAMKO online store. More info about renewing your membership can be found here.

Once you have continued your membership, you can also activate JAMKO’s digital student card at Pivo, if you have not done so previously. The digital student card can be activated within 24 hours of purchasing the membership. If you have already activated the digital student card, your membership will be automatically updated on the digital card when the membership term changes in late September or early October.

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