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Joining JAMKO has renewed

Obtaining JAMKO’s membership, getting a student card and renewing membership sticker have renewed. From now on students can join JAMKO via JAMKO’s webshop at Kide.App.

The New webshop is a modern, safe and extensive system to serve students even with other Student Unions in different cities. In addition to JAMKO’s membership, students can purchase event tickets and other products from JAMKO’s webshop in the future.

The most significant difference is the change of passwords, payment methods and digital student card. In addition students can collect their membership stickers from certain Student Unions in different cities. 

Purchases at JAMKO’s webshop in Kide.App require signing in. Students can use existing KideApp – credentials, make new ones to the app or use their Facebook – passwords.

All payments are done only in the webshop by submitting your debit or credit card details or using MobilePay. Also new payment methods Pivo and online bank payment will be available later in the Autumn. The memberships can not be paid at JAMKO member service points.  

In addition to their actual student card JAMKO members can get a digital student card via Pivo – application. With Pivo students can identify as student, get discounts, pay online and use handy services. In order to get the digital student card, student needs to obtain JAMKO membership first. Pivo application requires a Finnish personal identity code. Read more about Pivo

Due to a joint membership register, JAMKO members can collect their semester stickers from certain Student Unions’ member services in different cities, after they have paid their membership in JAMKO’s webshop. These student Unions are ASK, Helga, HUMAKO, Laureamko, O’Diako and TUO

Step by step instructions to get JAMKO membership and card

  • Go to JAMKO’s website to our Membership- site, read the instructions and click yourself to JAMKO’s webshop. If you are ordering a student card for the first time, it is useful to take a picture of yourself beforehand. Instructions for the photo.
  • Sign in to JAMKO’s webshop with existing or Facebook credentials or make new one.
  • Select a suitable term and membership product depending on your status as a new student (new member) or continuing student (renewing member). If you have lost your student card you can also order just a card, the existing membership isn’t required to be repaid.
  • When you select the product, the system ask you to identify with your student credentials you use in all JAMK UAS systems. After that click the product again, and fill the form and attach the photo if needed.
  • Go to the checkout to pay with your card details or MobilePay.

Continuing members can collect the sticker right away from JAMKO’s member service and sign in to the digital student card – app Pivo within the hour from the payment. New student card arrive to JAMKO in two or three weeks and new members will receive an email from JAMKO when their cards are ready to be collected. New students can activate the digital student card after confirming the study place and after the students information is in JAMK UAS database. This happens usually during orientation week. 

If you are experiencing problems, check the FAQ to see if there is a solution to your situation. 

More information: 
JAMKO membership services
Membership advisor Arttu Niemelä
+358 50 336 1385

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