JAMKO’s mobile membership card now in PIVO!

The wait has ended and JAMKOs members can now download Pivo mobile app (Android / IOS) and activate its mobile student card. Cooperation with Pivo ends the cooperation with mobile student card Frank. We have also renewed the way to join JAMKO, and in future you can order a student card or renew your membership through our webstore. More info about membership you can find from our website https://www.jamko.fi/en/membership/

With the student card in mobile app Pivo you can prove you are a student and get all the student benefits, student meal subsidy, Matkahuolto (most Finnish Bus companies) & VR (Finnish railroads) student discounts as well as local JAMKO and student benefits. Local benefits will be added later on.

You can activate JAMKOs mobile membership card, when your JAMKO membership is valid and you have enrolled yourself as an attending student for the current semester at JAMK UAS (more info about JAMKO membership https://www.jamko.fi/en/membership/). The process requires Finnish ID number and identification through Finnish online banking. For foreign students these are not necessarily available. In these cases you can use the JAMKO plastic membership card that can be ordered. While activating Pivo Student card Pivo will check up that you are attending semester at JAMK UAS and you are a member of JAMKO.

New members can activate Pivo first when their study place has been confirmed and information is available in the database containing students information (By the end of August). If you already have valid membership (for Academic year 2018-2019) you can activate JAMKOs student card at Pivo if you are enrolled as JAMK student for autumn term 2019. JAMKOs Academic year 2018-2019 and spring 2019 memberships are valid till 30.9.

JAMKOs plastic card (UAS-student card) remains in use, so that you can get the new membership sticker if you continue JAMKO membership. It is useful to keep JAMKOs plastic card with you if you have, for instance, added library card in it. New students will also order plastic card while becoming member.

In order to activate JAMKOs membership card in Pivo, read following instructions on JAMKO’s FAQ – pageUsing Student card requires JAMKOs valid membership.

More info about PIVO student card you can find here (currently only in Finnish). In problems concerning activating Pivo contact Pivo customer service : Asiakaspalvelu@pivolompakko.fi


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