JAMKO’s event venues change

Some of the event venues change at the beginning of March as hotel Jyväshovi’s restaurants Social House and Bra close.

Keskimaa’s Social House on Kauppakatu closes on Feb 27th and according to the latest information Bra is scheduled to close on 12th of March. With these changes JAMKO’s Detentions and bigger parties, like spring’s final party in April, are moved to Freetime for the spring. The first Detention is going to be held at Freetime after the midterm break on 9th of March. The change will bring some alterations to the execution but will be a possibility to update the concepts of the events. JAMKO promises fun as always but with a new twist.

JAMKO and Keskimaa’s restaurants have collaborated for years and the first event was held almost over a decade ago. JAMKO is grateful for the fluent collaboration through the years and wishes to thank especially the staff’s activeness in developing the events and support in finding alternative venues for the events. JAMKO’s bigger events have reached approximately 600 – 700 students per night, so moving the events to other venues hasn’t been a potential alternative. “It is sad to loose good locations but we are optimistic and see the change as a possibility to improve and reform the events, so that they would measure up to the student’s wishes in the future.”, says Tiia Kolu, Vice Chairperson of the Board.

More information and details about the bigger parties will be revealed later on.

Changing events of the spring 2016
March 9th Detention, Freetime
April 6th Detention, Freetime
April 14th Spring’s final party, Freetime

More info:
Tiia Kolu
Vice Chairperson of the Board
044 3211550

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