Frank App is now in use for JAMKO members

JAMKO’s members can now broaden the physical student card’s benefits with student benefit service provider Frank’s application! Via Frank App students can get the digital student card and access the electronic benefits all over Finland. The digital student card works like the traditional one and with it students prove their student status and get the discounts from online and in-store. Frank App can easily find the nearest student-priced restaurants anywhere in Finland. The application also has time-limited promotional coupons that can be redeemed when purchasing services or products.

In order to get the digital student card, a student must be a member of Student Union JAMKO and be attending in the current semester at JAMK UAS. The free Frank App is available for Android phones from the Google Play store and IOS phones from the App Store. Frank App also works in English and Swedish.

Frank is a 2013 set up student’s own service provider and student identifier provider. Frank is owned by Finland’s largest student organizations SAMOK, SAKKI, SLL and SYL, as well as  student-based Kilroy, the leading travel agency for young people and students in the Nordic countries.

Grab the digital student card by following the instructions in JAMKO’s Frank – site.

Notice! In order to get the digital student card to work, you have to have a Finnish personal identity code and it has to be added to the JAMK UAS system.

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