COVID restrictions brings uncertainty to JAMKO’s events

We have had to cancel some of the events in January due to the corona situation and re-evaluate the offer of events in February. The regulations of the Regional State Administrative Agency prohibit public events and general meetings of more than 20 participants in both indoor and outdoor areas of the municipalities of the Central Finland Hospital District. The restriction is valid from January 23 to February 20, 2022. Regarding JAMKO’s events, this means that we cannot organize larger indoor events. Some of our events will have to be postponed until restrictions are lifted.

JAMKO’s long-standing venue place Bar Bra will be closed. Because of this all events planned for Bra will be rearranged. In addition, we will have to postpone or cancel Keskimaa’s restaurant and nightclub events in the first half of February. Eat Out Evening in Freetime was supposed to be held in January. Rearranging this for the end of February is in plans. Scheduled for the beginning of February, the JAMKO Bomb Event will be held later and in some other place following the closing of nightclub Bra. Traditionally held in Freetime, the Jälki-istunto event will be postponed. The Detention-GamePit will be held on the Rajakatu campus instead of Detention on February 9-10.

The students winter event Snowday was to be held on 15th of February. We hope that we will be able to arrange it to be present on the Rajakatu campus and therefore a new date will be in March. A legendary snow football tournament, quinzhee making and other fun snow sports are planned. We will inform you more as soon possible.

We will monitor developments and report on events as we become aware of the restrictions and their possible liftings.

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