JAMKO aims to organize spring tutor training on campus

Every year, Student Union JAMKO recruits and trains new tutors whose task is to support new students in the early stages of their studies. Over the last couple of years, COVID-19 pandemic has also had a significant impact on tutoring as the tutor training had to be provided remotely.

However, during January 2022 we have received permission from JAMK to conduct tutor training on campus if we exercise caution and participants use FFP2 masks. JAMKO’s tutor sector has prepared future tutor trainings and endeavored to organize them so that tutors can participate in training both on campus and remotely if they wish.

Successful group forming and creating a positive team spirit is important in tutoring, as this has a significant effect on the motivation and coping of tutors. JAMKO also feels that organizing the tutor training even partially on campus is pedagogically necessary for successful activities and peer support within the tutoring course.

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Eeva Vissel, advisor, guidance and well-being

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