You grumbled, JAMKO answers!

We have published the summaries of the Grumble Weeks’ survey on the JAMKO website. This year, we have abandoned the written reports, and published the results of the survey as slideshows, which have been presented at the studyfield specific Follow Up events. Uncensored feedback has been sent to unit management and quality teams for processing. See the summary slides here

JAMKO has also received feedback in Grumble weeks’ survey and we appreciate that you took the time to help us. We are taking the feedback into account making an effort to improve our services. Here are the answers to some of the most general feedback we got from Grumble Weeks 2024. 

More wide opening times on JAMKO office

When the office is busy, like at the start of the autumn term, it is open almost every weekday. We are also now considering opening the office for more weekdays starting in autumn. Member service at the office is also available by appointment from 9am to 3pm on weekdays in which we are not officially open, if there are no exceptions.   If you are unable to visit the office during opening hours, please contact: jasenpalvelu@jamko.f

Some wider opening hours to the JAMKO Café and coffee benefits available on Dynamo campus

Unfortunately Juvenes has sole rights for operating a café at Dynamo. JAMKO Café nevertheless has two lemonade vendeur machines there to quench the thirst. There are also lemonade vendeur machines on the Rajakatu campus to complement the selection outside opening hours.  

Improving the quality of the gym

We have formed a group of students from different fields that are interested about the gym and training, and we will start planning to do some renovating and improving to the gym. This work will start during the autumn, so stay tuned for any updates!

More alcohol-free events with low threshold participation

We are improving the variety of the JAMKO events and we are having well-being events also in the future. During the Autumn term there is the Well-being week, Sports Appro and a open event about the general rights of a tenant in student housing together with our partner Soihtu. Many students want to see events like this, according to the feedback. We also hope that students will participate in these types of events, as we also assess the need for these events through the number of participants.

More visible work and help

JAMKO is currently doing a membership survey that will help us to be more present in students’ everyday lives. This information will also be implemented in JAMKO’s communication plan that is currently underway.

We have planned stands for the autumn and we also visit the new students when they arrive. It is a good suggestion, that we could do more classroom visits with suitable topics, for example elections or Grumble weeks. 

We also received compliments from  the students.

  • students have received help when needed
  • the staff and board members are approachable
  • grumble weeks are good event on spring

We are so happy to hear this, and we will strive to keep up this good work. After all, it is done for all of us, the students of Jamk UAS.

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