JYY and JAMKO are looking for a coordinator for a sports appro event

Liikunta-appro is a sports event jointly organized by JYY and JAMKO, where students collect performance marks in appropass by participating in sports trials organized by numerous sports clubs and companies in Jyväskylä. The event will take place this year at the end of October in week 43.

In the 2024 sports program, 300 students will have the opportunity to try a wide variety of sports forms and services.

Liikunta-appro’s coordinator is responsible for the event as a whole and its implementation. This position requires fluency in Finnish. The coordinator works on their task in cooperation with JYY and JAMKO, who familiarize them with the task and support the coordinator. The coordinator’s position is a fiduciary position, and the coordinator does not work in an employment relationship.

The tasks of the Liikunta appro coordinator include:

  • event planning and practical arrangements
  • acquiring partners (e.g. sports venues and clubs) for the event
  • event communication and program updating for websites and appropass

Read more about how to apply (In Finnish) and send us an application, if you are interested.

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