Wonders of St. Petersburg

Here two members of my IC team share some thoughts on the trip:

“The trip to St. Petersburg was awesome. Everyone seemed to be amazed about the size of the city and the amount of so many beautiful historical places. You can find huge buildings, monuments and statues scattered all around the city. During the tour we saw all the most famous places that people come to see. We had so many kind of activities, from visiting one of the biggest museums in the world, the Hermitage, to strolling around the city with a Hummer limousine during the night. But the best was the night cruise in the cabals, again was awesome. Touring the city during the night, with all the city lights was astonishing. Everything went nice and smooth, no one got lost and the tour guides were very informative and helpful at all times.”

– Irene and Santi, IC team

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