Voting of the council elections have started. Use your voice by Nov 9th!

Voting for the representative elections has started and you can decide which of Jamk UAS’ students will decide the affairs of all JAMKO members in 2023. You can get to know the candidates on JAMKO’s election pages, social media, election panels and the voting aid app. There are a total of 38 candidates in eight different electoral unions.

Voting takes place anonymously via an electronic link. It will be sent to everyone, who has joined JAMKO by 25th of October. The link will be delivered to the email that the member has used when they have joined JAMKO. 21 actual members and the vice  members will be elected by voting on November 9. by 3:00 p.m.

You can influence matters important to all students by voting. Members of the representative council decide, for example, on the size of JAMKO’s membership fee and the board’s action plan for the next year, in addition they influence many issues related to students’ everyday life in Jamk’s working groups. JAMKO encourages all students to vote and thereby influence issues that are important in our community. Candidates and electoral lists are also encouraged to be active in election work.

The election results will be published at the election night event on November 9.

Note! JAMKO’s voting aid app currently has technical problems, we will inform you as soon as it has been fixed. All candidates can be found with their voting numbers and pictures on JAMKO’s election page, Instagram and Facebook accounts. Follow also the campaigns of the lists.


More info on JAMKO’s election site

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