Representatives council of 2023 is elected

The highest authority of Student Union JAMKO has been chosen in Representatives’ election 2022. Voting turnout of this year’s election was 15,21 percent. 2965 students were entitled to vote from which 451 students voted. The voting turnout last year was 16 percent. The vote-puller, candidates who collected the most of the votes was Simo Kangasniemi from Insinööriopiskelijat, with 34 votes.

Simo Kangasniemi received the most personal votes, total of 34. He studies electrical and automation engineering at Jamk.

21 actual members were chosen from 38 candidates. The number of seats of each alliance is listed below (actual member + vice member). The alliance’s own voting turnout from the whole amount of votes is presented after that.

Insinööriopiskelijat, 6 actual members + 1 vice member, 27%
Jyväskylän sosiaali- ja terveysalan opiskelijat ry Jasto, 5 + 5, 22%
Opiskelevat kokoomuslaiset, 4 + 6, 18%
Restonomiopiskelijat, 2 + 2, 11%
Jyväskylän tradenomiopiskelijat Konkurssi, 2 + 2, 11%
Pienten äänitorvi TARMO, 1 + 1, 5%
Jammaus ry, 1 + 0, 5%

The newly elected representatives’ council organizes on 21st of November. The formation of the council might change if some the members are selected to JAMKO’s Board. New representatives begin their term 1st of January 2023.



The official results are published on JAMKO’s webpage

The Central Election Committee decided at the beginning of its term that it will donate a part of their budget to charity with the amount corresponding to the voting percentage of representative elections. The local Crisis Centre Mobile, which does important work in difficult times, was chosen as the target. Crisis Center Mobile has received 150 euros from the Central Election Board’s budget.

More information:
Chairperson of JAMKO’s representatives and central election committee 2022 Mr. Juho Niemelä,
Central election committee:

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