Delay in Overall order of 2022

Our overall manufacturer Putsiini informed us that the overall order will delay even more. The reason for this lies in Putsiini’s cloth delivery company Konekt Tkaniny’s end. Overalls were supposed to arrive by the end of November. Now the estimated time of arrival is on week 51. Despite our best efforts JAMKO and Study Field Associations couldn’t have prevented this. This in on foreign cloth delivery company.

Because of this Overall oath party will be postponed to January 2023. We are sincerely sorry for this, yet we are committed to organize the best overall oath party so far to make up the delay. Overalls were delayed in 2021. Reason behind that year’s delay was not JAMKO’s or Study Field Associations fault. Overall manufacturer was different as well. JAMKO works as a overall order’s coordinator and supports Study Field Associations with their work with overalls.

We kindly ask for your patience and once again deeply apologize.

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