JAMKO presents Tommi Kukkonen to SAMOK for 2017

From Jyväskylä to national fields of student politics

Student union of Jyväskylä university of applied sciences named as a candidate for University of Applied Käsitelty-2003Sciences Students Union in Finland – SAMOK

Student Union of Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences JAMKO is proud to present JAMKO’s board member and social policy responsible Tommi Kukkonen to University of Applied Sciences Students Union SAMOK’s board for the year 2017. Election for the board is arranged at SAMOK’s general assembly 18.-19.11. at Lahti.

Kukkonen, JAMKO’s candidate, has a strong competence in the field of student unions and universities of applied sciences. He has been JAMKO’s board member responsible for educational politics for the year 2016 among other things. In previous years Kukkonen has been a part of JAMKO’s student representative and his own study field association. Kukkonen is a third year student in electrical engineering at Jyväskylä university of applied sciences.

“The coming year will be significant when it comes to students’ everyday life. Upcoming educational fees to students and the general housing allowance require a lot of work to be ready to be applied to students. On top of these development plans between institutions of higher learning and digitalisation will bring a lot of changes to the grass root level of student life. SAMOK needs people who have a wide and varied view on current and future advocacy issues. I’m certain I have the expertise and the strong will to make a difference to students’ status on a national level.” Tommi Kukkonen states.

Since Kukkonen has been student union JAMKO’s board member responsible for educational politics, part of his job has been participating in quality work and developing it inside the university. He has also followed current affairs of university politics nationally and been a part of the influence on students nationally and locally. Kukkonen has also been a part of several working groups in JAMK and other JAMKO’s constituents.

“Tommi has been a major part of our work in the municipal policy program made by student unions JAMKO and JYY. The program states the work university students in Jyväskylä do on a municipal level for the next two years. Student union JAMKO is behind Tommi Kukkonen’s candidacy 100%-percent and we are certain that he will be an excellent addition to our umbrella organisation SAMOK.” Eemeli Rajala, student union JAMKO’s board’s chairperson says.

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More information:
Tommi Kukkonen
Member of JAMKO’s Board, educational policy

Campaign manager
Eemeli Rajala
Cheirperson of JAMKO’s board

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