I didn’t know what to tell you, so how about a taboo named depression? There are so many people, who have depression, and don’t even look like it. This person can be your classmate who is always smiling and doing every little school thing that they have to do. It can even be your teacher or a family member.

You shouldn’t underestimate depression. It can start to grow little by little, and suddenly you just can’t handle it anymore by yourself and everything starts to seem impossible. There are good ways to try to cheer up, but the first thing to do is figure out if it is only stress or if it is something more.

Don’t try to be strong for too long, ask for help, talk to someone. You might feel that you don’t want to bother anyone about your ”little” problem, but it’s not like that. Everyone is important to someone, no one wants to just stand back and look when that someone is feeling bad.

If you recognise yourself, tell someone how you feel. And if it is necessary, ask if you can just hang out with people, but don’t be alone.

The dark part of the year is almost over, nice weather helps to brighten the mind if it’s dark outside. Personally I think that I work on solar power, everything is much easier when the sun is shining. It may sound a little clichèd, but also exercising helps, so go jogging or maybe to the gym?

I hope you haven’t seen this bogeyman named depression, but if you have, don’t wallow in it by yourself!

Cheer up, the summer is just around the corner!


– Jani tervo

International club

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