Summer studies and study grant during the summer

Enrollment for summer studies is on. Students can enroll to summer courses via ASIO until 30th of April. In addition to courses, it’s also possible to do a thesis or a practical training during the summer, but it should be discussed with the tutor teacher. Guidance for thesis and practical training is also available during the summer. The supervisors of thesis’ and practical trainings in each study field can be found in student intra.

If student wants to have the study grant during the summer, it must be applied separately. The application can be done in KELA’s webpage and there has to be a report about the study modules and study credits one will complete during the summer. The study grant can’t be granted retrospectively, so the application must be done on time. It’s possible to get the study grant if there’s at least 5 study credits done per month.  The aid received during the summer studies is a part of the total maximum amount of months of aid.

More information about the summer studies and applying the study grant can be found in the student intra and Study guide and JAMK’s Student Financial Aid Advisor.

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