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Jyväskylä’s student union JAMKO wants to improve Jyväskylä’s municipal decision-making from the students’ point of view together with student union JYY and student union HUMAKO. The Municipality elections are held in 9th of April, 2017 and JAMKO encourages students to influence on the matters that have an effect straight to students own daily life, like bus routes, employment and health care by voting. Students election work and the themes of the campaign are based on municipal policy programme formed for the years 2017-2018. Preliminary voting in Finland starts at 29th of March and ends 4th of April and in abroad 29th of March and ends 1st of April. Preliminary voting makes it possible for all students to vote regardless of their home municipality in Finland.

JAMKO organises an municipal election panel at JAMK main campus’ cafeteria on March 14th at 11.30. The event presents election candidates that are student oriented and are committed the goals of the municipal policy programme. JAMKO will find out how the candidates would promote students’ matters in the municipal decision making if elected.

Follow students’ municipal election campaign on Facebook The site will promote current election news, election themes and the municipal policy programmes goals.

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Jarna Väisänen
Chairperson of the Board

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