Students’ May 1 st celebrations has something for everyone


Student union JAMKO is organizing a varied programme of activities to get you in the festive mood. In addition to the traditional sweep and picnic, there will be a fun checkpoint tour, amega-class sitzfest event and an event for families with children.

The May Day celebrations start on Tuesday 25 April at 15.00 with Vappujaiset. JAMKO and the study field associations Konkurssi, JIO, JASTO and MatkaRaTa are co-organising a checkpoint tour around Jyväskylä, where students complete a series of fun tick-tape challenges. You can either gather your own team or participate alone, you can get your team at the starting point in Rajakatu. The theme is Summer in Finland! Whether your summer outfit is your favourite summer hat or a topcoat! You never know what the Finnish summer will bring. 

The biggest spectacle of the May Day, Sitzfest Marathon, will take over the Aaltosali on Thursday 27 April from 12.00. Sitz once or three times, the choice is yours! All students are welcome, regardless of their field of study! 

The themes are

  • 12-15 Children’s party
  • 16-19 Rally English (the event will be in English)
  • 20-23 Wild West

You’ll earn a unique overall patch from each session, so collect the whole set by attending all three! 

On Saturday 29 April from 10.00 to 14.00, JAMKO invites all students with kids to HopLop to enjoy the festive mood. Come with the whole family to embark on adventures, hunt for treasures hidden by JAMKO and make your own May Day Pompom! In addition to your own children, you can come e.g. with godchildren.

Traditionally, the student unions have done the cap ceremony on Minna Canth’s statue, but as the statue is in storage due to the renovation of Kirkkopuisto, JAMKO and JYY will lay a cap on the statue of Uno Cygnaeus. The programme starts on Apr 30th at 17.15 in the Uno Cygnaeus Park next to the main library. The ceremony will be accompanied by the traditional May Day speeches of the student union chairpersons and a performance by the brass band Puhkupillit! On May 1st, the traditional May Day picnic will take place in Harju. 

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