Student feedback is discussed during Grumble Weeks’ follow up sessions

Student Union JAMKO’s Grumble Weeks was organized during 13.2. – 26.2., when feedback was collected from students on the quality of teaching and training, well-being services and guidance. 412 Jamk students answered the survey. The feedback was compiled into education-specific reports, which are delivered to the unit’s management and quality teams. The public parts of the feedback will be published on JAMKO’s website.

At the field-specific Follow up events, we discuss the feedback from the Grumble Weeks and find ways to develop things among the staff and students. Each study field will have its own event starting from 24th of April, either remotely or in a hybrid form. The events are hosted by JAMKO’s board. JAMKO hopes that in addition to the staff and study field organisations, students will also participate in the events, because the events are organized precisely to increase the student’s influence and to bring out the student’s opinions. The events are organised if Finnish and in English, on those parts where the study field is in English.  

The Follow up dates and links will be updated on this document. 

More information on JAMKO’s website.


Something to ask? Contact: 

Noora Hakonen, Member of the Board, Social policy, kopo (a)

Jesse Kykyri, Member of the Board, Educational policy, sopo (a)

Ragnar Törnblom, Member of the Board, International trusteeship, ragnar.tornblom (a)


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