Join us to develop JAMKO’s café activities!

Join us to run a business that looks like a student to JAMKO Café! JAMKO is looking for active, resourceful and cooperative people interested in economics and entrepreneurship to lead the operations of Jyväskylä Student Services Ltd. as members of the company’s board. The Board is responsible for the strategic decisions and management of the company together with the CEO. Jyväskylä Student Services oy is responsible for the business operations of the student union, such as running the JAMKO Cafè. The board meets about 4 times a year. The hours spent on activities count towards the “student active in Jamk” module, so credit points are also available for active members. 

Please send your informal application to Lauri Kujala, by 23.4.

For more information:

Ismo Puhakka, Managing Director of JOPO oy,

Peetu Luiro, CEO of JOPO oy, 

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