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Welcome to Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences! Jyväskylä is one of the country’s best studying cities to study and live. Here you can take part in cultural and sports activities and also meet new people. The finest is the potential what Jyväskylä can offer. Jyväskylä area is growing steeply as a result of large investments such as the Hippos 2020 project and the area of ​​evolving Kangas that promises a high level of working life.

As a JAMKs student, studying does not only run here within JAMK, but you can also study some courses at the Jyväskylä university side thanks to EduFutura. Which allows for flexible studies and a versatile degree structure. This year it was possible to study in over 21 universities at the summer if you didn’t get summer job. What’s great!

As a student, you can easily influence small actions. For example, here most big student organizations like us, Student Union JAMKO and JYY are working hard to ensure that students are well-being here in Jyväskylä in whatever the life situation is. You can follow the student’s influence on the Student JKL -Facebook page where we spend student well-being and student accommodation, for example.

From my own experience, I can say that try out new stuff that may not be in your comfort area. You can find yourself by setting up a business with classmates or joining a student organization to do educational policy, tutoring or different kind well-being and cultural events, why knows. Studying is the best time of your life, so you should take all the pleasure out of it.

Good autumn start for all JAMK staff, stakeholders and students throughout the student union on behalf of JAMKO for the academic year 2017!


Jarna Väisänen

Chairperson of the board

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