Statement | International student community builds an equal Finland

The Student Union of JAMK University of Applied Sciences JAMKO finds that multiculturalism is a strength in a city of higher education. It is tragic how individual acts of intolerance and hate speech cause feelings of insecurity, instability and fear in a great amount of people, although the prejudicial acts do not necessarily represent the outlook and actions of the majority of the population in Finland.

The student unions’ and higher education institutes’ purpose is also to prepare students to an aware and critical citizenship, which, in JAMKO’s point of view, has no room for racism, discrimination or violence. Hundreds of foreign exchange and degree students come to Jyväskylä each year, through which both the international and finnish students are collecting international competence, professional know-how and abilities to meet the needs of the changing labour market. International student community and city broadens the view of the world, enriches language skills, course of actions and the understanding between cultures, which are a remarkable asset in the future’s multifaceted society.

Negative sentiments and the understating of others are fuelled by lack of experience, prejudice and ignorance. Student union JAMKO organizes events and peer activities where students, despite of their cultural, ethnical or political backgrounds meet. “No one should not fear neither emotional nor physical violence because of their background or conviction in our events, city or anywhere else”, says Niina Lampi, the Chairperson of Student Union JAMKO’s Board. We should remember that thousands of Finns are going abroad to study and work, whose safety and equality we regard as basic rights to the same degree.

The Student Union of JAMK University of Applied Sciences JAMKO contributes in increasing both equality and safety in Jyväskylä and in Finland.

On behalf of The Student Union of JAMK University of Applied Sciences JAMKO,

Niina Lampi, Chairperson of the Board

Hannu Järvistö, Executive Director

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