New students: 1st year non-attendance only for specific reasons

University level students can enroll themselves absent for the first year of studies only with a legal reason starting from the forthcoming autumn. Non-attendance in the first year of study is acceptable only for the following reasons: compulsory military service,  non-military service, voluntarily military service for women. In addition, other valid reasons for enrolling as absent are maternity-, paternity- or parenting leave or personal sickness or injury that makes the student unable to begin the studies on time. Student must show an official documentation on the matter before the studies. In the future the absence will not be counted in the overall study time if it is caused by the reasons described. Non-attendance caused by other than the legal reasons which are not counted in the overall study time are reduced from two academic years to one academic year. The regulations that affect the first year of studying will take effect on 1.8.2015. The regulations are applied to students beginning their studies in the fall 2015 and after.

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